• Cache Converter: Allows upload of a template file (Drupal tpl file) which can then be used to process nodes on your site for displaying/ outputting as static files (e.g. XML files).
  • Context Datalayer: Provides the ability to modify the dataLayer global Javascript variable created by the datalayer module using Context for Drupal, and the ability to base a Context condition on dataLayer values.
  • Format Currency: API module, used for displaying correctly formatted prices.
  • Gamertags: Allows users to enter and display a range of Gamertags on their user profiles.
  • Imagemenu: Allows you to create menus from image files.
  • Logo Tool: Simple tool to display either a random logo on every page refresh, else display a specific logo on specified pages and a default set logo on all unspecified ones.
  • Mobile Switch (Varnish version): Provides a simple automatic theme switch functionality for mobile devices, utilising Varnish for detecting the user-agent and providing proper cacheable pages using the same URLs per mobile device group.
  • Panels Pane Report: Helps create visibility into the content on your website or application by letting you know where specific nodes, content types, mini panels, blocks, build modes, etc. are being used within your panels-based system.
  • Site24x7: Helps to add your Site24x7’s RUM code snippet to the HEAD tag of your Drupal website.
  • Thingiview File Field Display Formatter: Create a file field in your content-type, limit it to accept only .stl files, then configure the display format to “3D View” to display the file using thingiview.js - a javascript 3D model viewer and STL/ OBJ parser (using the Three.js 3D engine).


  • Akamai: Provides integration with the Akamai Content Control Utility (CCU) Web Service.
  • Resource Hints: Provides facilities for user agent resource hints.
  • Web Page Archive: Allows you to use Drupal to perform periodic snapshots and visual regression testing on local and remote websites based of a list of URLs or XML sitemaps, all within the familiar Drupal admin interface.


Atic Atac:

A disassembly of Atic Atac, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Batty, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Booty, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Cookie, created using SkoolKit.

Everyone's A Wally:

A disassembly of Everyone’s A Wally, created using SkoolKit.

Harrier Attack:

A disassembly of Harrier Attack, created using SkoolKit.

The Hobbit:

A disassembly of The Hobbit, created using SkoolKit.

Jason's Gem:

A disassembly of Jason’s Gem, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Jetpac, created using SkoolKit.

Lunar Jetman:

A disassembly of Lunar Jetman, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Pssst, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Rampage, created using SkoolKit.

Sabre Wulf:

A disassembly of Sabre Wulf, created using SkoolKit.

Tranz Am:

A disassembly of Tranz Am, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Trashman, created using SkoolKit.

The Way of the Exploding Fist:

A disassembly of The Way of the Exploding Fist, created using SkoolKit.

West Bank:

A disassembly of West Bank, created using SkoolKit.


A disassembly of Wheelie, created using SkoolKit.

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  1. Probably the simplest of the room handlers, this routine takes care of making the floors disappear and reappear. It’s a good place to start before looking into the more complicated handlers.

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  2. Booty was probably one of the most successful budget games ever written. Let’s take a look at how the game handles taking a “snapshot” of room data, and how it populates the room data buffers and the (oddly empty) table which holds pointers to the room data buffers.

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  3. One of the best budget games ever written; “Booty” by Firebird).

    When I was young I took on my older sisters paper round as she didn’t want to do it any more. I think I was maybe a little too young to be doing a paper round (I was 11 I guess, maybe even a little younger) and obviously it didn’t pay all that well - hence, a lot of the games I bought back then were “budget” games, like Booty.

    They were a perfect price for paper round money!

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  4. My cousin introduced me to “Trashman”. It’s a fantastic quirky game and is very bright and colourful! I loved the humour in it too.

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  5. Bob Pape talks a little about how the monster AI was done in his book. A single routine which deals with fetching “random numbers” deals with a lot of how it works - and seeing what it actually does is fascinating!

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  6. There’s lots of elegant code in Rampage, here’s a neat example of how the monsters are printed to the screen using the same draw routine.

    rampage skoolkit zx spectrum z80

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