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The Hobbit (1982 Melbourne House)


A disassembly of The Hobbit, created using SkoolKit.
A disassembly of The Hobbit, created using SkoolKit.


I loved ZX Spectrum adventure games, absolutely adored them. I loved books and even had a few of those “choose-your-own-adventure” books too. They were pretty old, I think I bought them from a Scout jumble sale with my pocket money. But on the Spectrum, adventure games took the concept to a whole new level!

I had a bunch of them, but The Hobbit (and Blizzard Pass) were some of my favourites. Sure, later on I did get a lot of the Magnetic Scrolls games too but I really adored playing The Hobbit, it’s a gem of a game and has a lot of replay value as it feels fairly dynamic while playing it, and the parser has a wonderfully full vocabulary - it understands so much as long as you write it in the correct manner.