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Trashman (1984 New Generation Software)


A disassembly of Trashman, created using SkoolKit.
A disassembly of Trashman, created using SkoolKit.


I can remember playing Trashman when we went to visit family. I was young, and didn’t travel well (so wasn’t feeling great). And was stuffed in front of my cousin Nicks ZX Spectrum and given Trashman to play to keep me occupied. I was fairly young at the time, so I found the game quite difficult and unforgiving, but it was undeniably a very beautiful game and I loved it instantly.

I did have the misfortune to be pretty violently ill that day, but it didn’t matter; I’d played a really innovative game - and even though I wasn’t that great at it - it opened my eyes a little, to that games don’t need to be all spaceships and astronauts. Being a trashman is also really fun too!