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  • Bob Pape talks a little about how the monster AI was done in his book. A single routine which deals with fetching “random numbers” deals with a lot of how it works - and seeing what it actually does is fascinating!
    rampage skoolkit zx spectrum z80
    Created Wed, 06 Mar 2024 22:02:27 +0000
  • There’s lots of elegant code in Rampage, here’s a neat example of how the monsters are printed to the screen using the same draw routine.
    rampage skoolkit zx spectrum z80
    Created Mon, 04 Mar 2024 16:54:27 +0000
  • I didn’t appreciate Rampage when I first bought it for my ZX Spectrum with my paper round money. I can tell you exactly why, it just isn’t especially fun when played with only one player.

    It wasn’t until I bought an arcade machine that I thought I’d give it another go, and what I found surprised me. It’s incredible how much of the arcade game they managed to fit into a 48k ZX Spectrum. It’s a bright and colourful game and works great as a multiplayer.

    rampage skoolkit zx spectrum z80
    Created Fri, 29 Dec 2023 22:28:38 +0000
  • I love a road trip, and travelling across Europe is my absolute favourite thing to do - especially when I’m picking up arcade machines!