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Wheelie (1983 Microsphere)


A disassembly of Wheelie, created using SkoolKit.
A disassembly of Wheelie, created using SkoolKit.


I picked this game up with my ZX Spectrum 48K - it was a firm favourite even though I wasn’t very good at it (to be fair, I was only 8 or 9 years old). It took me many years to even get off the first level, and I’d long since used the level codes I’d found in Crash magazine or Your Sinclair to “try out” the levels past level one - which, you’d imagine would have helped me be better at it. But alas, my skill at the game never improved.

However, there was something undeniably mesmerizing about this game. The challenging gameplay and intriguing physics had me hooked. And ever since then, “Wheelie” has remained on my coveted list of GILTD (Game-I’d-Like-To-Disassemble) for a very long time.

I did eventually manage to beat the ghostrider (on level 1 of course) but by then there was little fanfare as I already knew the following levels were impossible.

I’m pretty sure I’d be better at it these days but of course, I’m far more interested in how it works than playing it.